17 lipca 2014

'Good enegry' sweets

Hey guys, today I am here today to tell You that I have... well, just see below, yay!

{drums! tralala la la}

I have been collecting this sweet pack for a while, just for You. I love to share goods and supplies with You, it gives me a lot of positive energy and fun, yep :) This candy is for all people from over the world, no matter if you're from overseas country or from small village in Poland. 
What You can do for me? Not so much, I think :) I have facebook page and I will be so happy if you: 
1. like my page and 2. share info about this super-duper candy via facebook :) I will post about this fun on my facebook page and only those who will like my page & share this info can won all-that-is-below and it's big awesome pack of amazing-ness :3 
What I can do for You? Just see..It's a really big pack with scrapbooking supplies: 

Yup. Candy fun lasts until August 17. After that I will pick one person who will won all these goodies, yaay! 
Thank You so much for being here, It's a big big big pleasure for me.
Have an amazing day, si si! :) Hugs!

5 komentarzy:

  1. jakie fenomenalne candy ! same cudowności !

  2. What a sweet sweet Candy giveaway! Came across your blog by looking at one of your lovely Project life spread over at Studio Calicos gallery! Loving all your spreads...new follower!!! ;)

  3. mniam! Strasznie smaczny zestaw!